AIO Boot DVD is a boot disk created from the AIO Boot drive. It supports booting Grub2 from a CD-ROM in both UEFI and Legacy BIOS modes.


A CD/DVD has too many disadvantages compared to a USB/HDD. But for some reason we also need a backup CD/DVD. CD/DVD are write-protected, so it can also protect against the damage of viruses.

AIO Boot now supports creating an ISO from its drive. And of course you can burn it to a CD or DVD. We will call this disc the AIO Boot DVD.



AIO Boot DVD is a copy created from the AIO Boot drive. But since it is booted from CD-ROM, there will be some differences. The difference I notice here is from Grub2. In addition, the features are nearly identical.

  • Supports UEFI and Legacy BIOS modes. Both modes use Grub2 as the default boot loader.
  • Clover, Syslinux and rEFInd are not supported. Grub2 does not support booting Clover and rEFInd from the CD-ROM.
  • AIO Boot DVD is a copy from its drive, you can completely customize and select packages before creating ISO.

You should test the ISO file with VMware Workstation to ensure that the features work as expected. VirtualBox seems incompatible in some features.

Create ISO

AIO Boot DVD is supported from version

  1. Download and install AIO Boot.
  2. Integrate the packages you want to the drive.
  3. Check your disk usage to make sure it fits in a CD/DVD.
  4. Once you have integrated and feel enough. From AIOCreator.exe, select Tools and click Create ISO to start.
    Make a GRUB2 bootable CD-ROM
  5. The tool will ask you where to save the ISO file and enter a label for ISO.
  6. The process will take a few minutes depending on the size and speed of the drive.
  7. Once you have the ISO file, test it with VMware Workstation to make sure the features work as expected.
  8. Burn AIO Boot DVD to CD or DVD.
  9. Share your ISO to your friends and family.
  10. If you want to use this ISO for USB, you just need to use 7-Zip to extract it to a USB drive. Then run AIOCreator.exe, click Grub2 from Bootloaders to install Grub2.

Good luck!

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