Clover Boot Disk includes tools and partition images to help you create macOS Mojave bootable USB from Windows in just a few clicks.


I have successfully created a macOS Mojave bootable USB from macOS. Then I thought I should back up the partition of the macOS installer and share it with everyone who wants to use it from Windows.

I have created two partition image files, the first is Clover Bootloader and the second one is macOS installer.  The only thing you need to do is use Partition Image Mapper to use these two files as two real partitions on your USB.

Clover Boot Disk is the name after you have a USB bootable via Clover. I have not tested on the official MAC. It works for Hackintosh machines. Clover Boot Disk supports both Legacy BIOS and UEFI modes, because Clover supports both modes.

This article does not instruct you to use Clover Bootloader, as well as install macOS. You need to study for your own. Or you can install macOS on VMware Workstation to get familiar or experience.

Clover Boot Disk


Clover Boot Disk includes 3 files:

  • Clover.img
    This is the partition image of Clover Bootloader. It allows you to boot into Clover in both UEFI and Legacy modes.
  • OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs
    This is a partition image of the macOS Mojave installer.
  • PartIMGMapper.exe
    Partition Image Mapper helps you to use the two partition images above as two real partitions on the USB.
  • CloverBootDiskCreator.exe

Download all files at:

Please check the file MD5.txt to make sure that the downloaded files are not corrupted.

How to?

Once downloaded, we will use the Partition Image Mapper as the steps below. This tool is part of AIO Boot.

For Macintosh, you should not, nor need the MAP file Clover.img. Only use the .HFS file. But for Hackintosh, you need to map both files.

  1. Format the USB drive to NTFS. Because FAT32 can not contain files larger than 4GB. Skip this step if you are using NTFS.
  2. Create the folder /AIO/File/PartIMG on the USB drive and copy the Clover.img and OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs files to this folder.
  3. Run PartIMGMapper.exe
    Create macOS Sierra bootable USB from Windows

    1. Select Clover.img in row 1.
    2. Select OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs in row 2. You need to select HFS/HFS+ under Type.
    3. Select the Clover box under Install MBR if you want to boot Clover in Legacy mode.
  4. Click MAP button.
  5. The tool will back up the partition table information for later restoration. The file has .MBR extension in the same directory as PartIMGMapper.exe.
  6. Once used, run PartIMGMapper.exe, click UNMAP and select the previously backed up MBR file. All data and partitions will be restored as before.

Clover Boot Disk Creator

Some users have reported that they experience an error when using Partition Image Mapper. If you also encounter errors, you can Clover Boot Disk Creator tool. However, your USB will lose all data, only use this tool if the Partition Image Mapper does not work.

Clover Boot Disk Creator

  1. Run CloverBootDiskCreator.exe.
  2. Clover: Select the Clover.img file.
  3. OSX: Selects the OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs file.
  4. Target Disk: Select your USB.
  5. Click OK.

If you encounter an error, Access is denied, which means that your USB is used by another program, please close all these programs, or use diskpart to clean the USB first.


For PC (hackintosh), you need to add the appropriate KEXT to the /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other directory. I have added FakeSMC.kext and USBInjectAll.kext. You can find KEXT at the repository of RehabMan and tonymacx86. Choose the right KEXT for your hardware to ensure the functionality works.

Personally I have encountered a “kernel panic” error, I have added NullCPUPowerManagement.kext to fix this error. I also added IntelMausiEthernet.kext to support networking for the Intel® 82579 Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

You also need to configure the Clover Bootloader, its configuration file is /EFI/CLOVER/config.splist. You can modify this file to change Clover theme, SMBIOS, Arguments… My computer has a NVIDIA Quadro 1000M, I was unable to boot (hang apple) until it disabled. If you also experience the same issue, you can disable the Nvidia graphics card by editing its configuration file.

Open the config.splist file and look for:

<string>-v darkwake=0</string>

Add nv_disable=1 to two string tags.

<string>-v darkwake=0 nv_disable=1</string>

Or enter it directly in the Boot Args section of the Clover Bootloader Options.

If Disk Utility reported error MediaKit reports not enough space on device for requested operation when Erase, I have shown how to fix this in the link. Alternatively, you can use GParted to create Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partitions and convert to APFS using Disk Utility.

If the latest version does not work, try the older versions.

Change history

Please check the Changelog.txt file for more details.

  • 26.09.2018:
    • Clover_v2.4k_r4674.
    • macOS Mojave 10.14.0.
  • 24.07.2018:
    • macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.
    • Clover_v2.4k_r4617.
    • New KEXTs: IntelMausiEthernet.kext, GenericUSBXHCI.kext.
  • 07.07.2018:
    • Clover_v2.4k_r4586.
    • Removed OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi.
  • 17.06.2018:
    • Clover_v2.4k_r4542.
    • Replace apfs.efi with ApfsDriverLoader.efi in Clover.
  • 04.06.2018:
    • macOS 10.13.5.
    • r4509.
  • 29.05.2018:
    • r4497.
  • 06.05.2018:
    • Clover_v2.4k_r4449.
  • 19.04.2018:
    • Updated Clover Bootloader to the latest version (v2.4k_r4439).
  • 31.03.2018:
    • Updated:
      • Clover v2.4k_r4428.
      • FakeSMC.kext.
    • Added:
      • FakeSMC_ACPISensors.kext.
      • FakeSMC_CPUSensors.kext.
      • FakeSMC_GPUSensors.kext.
      • FakeSMC_LPCSensors.kext.
  • 31.03.2018: Update the APFS driver (apfs.efi) of macOS 10.13.4 for Clover Bootloader.
  • 30.03.2018: macOS 10.13.4.
  • 26.03.2018
    • Update Clover to v2.4k_r4411 (2018-02-09).
    • Fixed “The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.“.

Good luck!

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  1. Hi
    is it possible to launch the .exe programs (CloverBootDiskCreator, PartImg.exe) on Wine?
    which librairies do I need?
    I’m on Opensuse Tumbleweed. My Pc is with Intel Graphics. My desktop is Kde (if you need my Plasma Version tell me)
    Thanks by Advance
    nb: it’s impossible to extract sysfiles with cabextract, innoextract, etc

  2. your programs and videos are different from each other. your programs are not working. I’ve tried many times but your programs don’t work.

  3. I believe everything published was actually very logical.
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    title? I am not saying your information is not good, but what if you added a post title that makes people desire more?
    I mean Create macOS Mojave bootable USB from Windows with Clover Boot Disk is kinda vanilla.

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  4. macOS 10.13.6 has expired and have the same time issues as macOS 10.14.

    My advice is to go here and get the images with clover included :

    Format the USB to FAT32 and extract the bz2 and use the .raw file inside with a program called balenaEtcher.
    After its done you have a bootable installer that dosen’t do any trouble.
    I did find some problems with their pre-installed Clover settings.
    If you have them too, you can make an Extrnal Clover Bootloader with your settings and load the setup from there. Make the UEFI Entry with Hasleo EasyUEFI.

  5. Thanks a lot , was trying with Niresh and stuff , But it dint work, Finally this helped me alot
    , now i have installed Mojave Successfully From your website 🙂

  6. If you receive the error “This copy of the Install macOS Mojave application is damaged, and can`t be used to install macOS.” you need to go into the BIOS and set your clock back. This is because the installation certificate expired sometime in 2019. I did July 14th, 2018 and that fixed it for me.

    If you receive the error “Attempting System Restart … MACH Reboot’” you need to check AppleIntelCPUPM under Clover options before attempting to boot the installer and then add it to your config.plist as soon as you are able to download Clover Configurator. I hope this helps!

  7. Clover Boot Disk Creator ends in Error “Access Denied Error Code 10009”. I have same Problems with other Tools on Windows 10. THe virus scan is disabled. Any idea?

  8. Hello, I’m Sagnik Ganguly, I’m trying to dual boot macOS Mojave 10.14.0 and Windows 10 Pro (Already Installed) with Legacy Boot in a PC with Gigabyte motherboard and Intel i5 Processor. I have followed the following guide: The first method “Using PartIMGMapper” listed there was giving the error “This file may be fragmented, use Defraggler and try again” when loading the “OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs” file so I’ve used “Clover Boot Disk Creator” to create the bootable macOS Installer USB. Everything went fine but when I’m booting from the USB the Clover Bootloader loads but shows a black screen & cursor (not blinking) and freezes. Even the condition is the same in VirtualBox, I’ve used the following guide to boot from USB: Is there any way to fix the problem, if yes then how?

    Here is my System Information:

  9. i cant get clover boot disk creator or PartMGMapper to work because even if my hard drive is plugged in it doesnt recognize it is it because its a 2tb usb external hardrive

  10. Good to see that bootable Mac with Windows works otherwise every other method including transmac sucks. I don’t recommend to go with that method it’s a time and data waste.
    But the hfs file of Mac os high serria 10.13.6 given above is corrupt or damaged after successful boot the mac installer says “mac can’t be installed by this due damaged or missing file.” So don’t download it.
    Good luck.

  11. “This copy of the Install macOS Mojave application is damaged,and can`t be used to install macOS.”
    i already in setup but this error always popout.
    do i need to redownload the mojave installer or i just miss something?

  12. Hello, i followed all the steps but it always stucks at “Attempting System Restart … MACH Reboot'”. any advice?

  13. i have dell laptop n5050. now i want to install mac os any type. i3 3rd generation. 320gb hdd 4gb ram. so please help me how to install mac macOS Mojave ya sierra.

  14. Hi,

    I am using Intel I7-8700 Processor, 512 GB SSD, 32 GB RAM, Intel onboard 4k Graphics Card. I followed your instructions, but when i try to install the black screens gets garbled after running some instructions with a distorted No Symbol on it. Please help.

  15. Need help setting up Mojave onto the following hardware:
    Intell 160GB SSD
    Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev 1.0 motherboard with LGA1366 socket.
    Intel Core i7-930 Quad Core 2.80 GHz processor
    Kingston HyperX Memory (4x2GB sticks)
    HIS Radeon HD6870 1GB Graphics (1X Displayport, 1X HDMI, 2X DVI)
    Antec TPII-550 Power supply
    Wi-fi Card (custom built with apple chip for hackintosh)

    Which kexts (for the hardware I have) do I need to have under /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other directory?
    Someone sold me this with El Capiton MacOS on a hard drive.
    But the hard drive was removed by seller…so now I want to install Mojave onto a Intel SSD that I installed.
    Just need this for Xcode IDE (IOS) development…will I need a better processor and graphics card (for metal) for Mojave?
    Deep thanks if anyone can help me.

    1. On the USB drive you’re going to “Create New Folder” called “AIO”; then go to that folder and “Create New Folder” called “File”; go to that folder and “Create New Folder” called “PartIMG” – when you view the path in the software, it will show as DriveLetter:/AIO/File/PartIMG/*.*


    3. /AIO/File/PartIMG this Means :

      make folder that name is AIO

    4. You don’t get it. Create the folder AIO, inside it create File, and inside the folder File create the folder PartIMG

  16. Hi, I’m new to this and have used your walkthrough to create USB, but not sure when or how to configure the and add the correct EFI for my system.

    Thanks for any help.


  17. When I try to not the installer, it hangs after “End RandomSeed”. Any idea what the problem is? I’m using an HP Zbook G3. Thank you. I really admire your work.

  18. Hi,

    I followed your instructions thoroughly but when booting I get this message:

    “Welcome to Clover 4674
    Scan Entries”

    And after that and waiting for about 15 minutes, nothing happens.
    I tried installing a second time, but same result.

    Is it possible I have to use a particular kext?

    These are the specs of my PC:

    OS Windows 10 Pro x64 // Linux Mint
    AMD A10-7860K Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G // 16 GB RAM
    Motherboard ASRock Model FM2A78M-HD+ R2.0 (CPUSocket)
    AMD Radeon R7 Graphics
    HDD TOSHIBA DT01ACA050 ATA Device 500 GB
    SSD Crucial_CT750MX300SSD1 700 GB
    SSD Crucial_CT275MX300SSD1 250 GB

    Thanks in advance for your advice!!

    1. You are out of luck bro Hackintosh doesn’t support AMD-CPU’s. Till date AMD-CPU’s has lots of incomparable with Directx games, Hackintosh and RemixOS etc “WISE” better buy Intel-CPU’s

  19. hello.

    thanks for this tool and instructions. I’ve created bootable flash with macos without problems.

    but, after installing i’ve tried to format flash drive under macos and diskutility – and it says it is write-protected
    next i tried to clean it on windows by diskpart… it trows error, that it can’t do it.

    flash drive is simple stick without any switches to protect.

    do you have any idea how to fix it?

  20. HI,

    Please help me. every time I opened the PartIMGMapper.exe, this message appears “There is something error happened. please contact the author for assistance.” I am stuck at here.

    Thank you

  21. Plese I sucess to boot the the clover but canonot insall mac os x apear to me
    bsd process mapped to unkown and system restate

  22. I keep getting the error message when trying to load the .hfs , “this file is fragmented please you defraggler”. I have tried this and nothing !
    Any ideas? , I’ve locked myself out of my Hack by turning on stupid file vault (creates a bug where the keyboard does not work to enter your password) 🙁

    Many thanks


    1. If you have a way to update clover you can enable all drivers ie: keyboard
      Right in the uefi 64 bit drivers section then you should be good to go

    2. In PartIMGMapper, I’m getting an error “This file may be fragmented, use Defraggler and try again”..I’ve trie using Defraggler but it shows that the file is not fragmented. What do I do now?

  23. Hi, i followed your steps with partimgmapper and created the .mbr file successfully.
    When running the app again, there’s no unmap option though…

  24. After successfully installing once mac osx high sierra I asked myself is there an option to show an hfs installer in clover again maybe as an entry edit in plist. or how does this work…
    Sadly a friend of me has deleted high sierra on his HD(formatted) on his pc and wants to clean install it again but no installer appears in clover…

  25. While using partition image mapper, I couldn’t select clover to install MBR…
    Clover button is not selectable.
    What should I do to boot clover in legacy mode?

    1. A couple questions:
      1) what is your bios legacy or uefi
      2) are you running as administrator
      3) is the clover file possibly currupt

    2. Legacy mode is intended for non-uefi bios that is the only time you would use it, if you have graphical and mouse support in bios that will be uefi, if not its legacy bios

  26. Well Inglish? … Japonesse?

    Luckily it was working but after updating AIOCreator.exe to v. Clover doesnt work after 7_ boot its showing bios configuration…
    Hope it will been fixed with newer version.

    Furthermore it would be nice, if you coul´d post an entry for starting Iso-File of netbsd like its been done for linux …

    keep up work

    1. It works for me, have you tried reinstalling Clover yet?
      AIOCreator.exe -> Bootloaders -> Clover.

      1. Of course done that, but still not working…
        Maybe the CloverLegacy file has now wrong content or my stick cause problem in bios because its not recognizing as UEFI.
        Complete reinstalling and installing Clover and rest also not worked! (_7 –> Bios configuration, but not my bios of course other .efi File … )

        Chameleon and other stuff works…

          1. Problem solved…
            After booting to grub 2.02
            1. PartIMG Mapper then run PartIMG_ROOT.img
            2. Partition Tools should now show this “PARTIMGROOT” select it and set to
            “Set as root partition”.
            3. Restart now from menu the pc.

            After restart should do that what you said @Drifter

            Its working now…

      2. bác cho em hỏi, em làm theo hướng dẫn nhg khi boot vào clover thì không thấy phân vùng chứ bộ cài đặt macOS đâu để chọn là sao bác nhỉ? khi em tạo xong rồi thì nó ra 1 phần vùng clover tầm 100MB, còn 1 phân vùng là có dụng lượng = đúng dung lượng của file Install_Mojave.hfs (5.69GB) nhg bên trong lại ko có file nào cả. bác hướng dẫn qua lại cho em đc không?

        1. Cái này mình cũng không biết nữa đó bạn ơi, cái phân vùng macOS bạn vào xem được hay sao biết nó trống?

  27. Hi..
    Greeting of the day..

    Please provide torrent download link for ‘OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs’.

    Does ‘ OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs’ works for both Hackintosh & Real Macbook Air.

    Last time when I tried your ‘High Sierra.hfs’ in my Macbook Air, then It’s Installer had given Error in between…

    Have you tried ‘OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs’ in Real Macbook ?

    Thanks & Regards…

    1. Yes, it works on both Macintosh and Hackintosh.
      Although I did not try on the Macintosh but the user has confirmed it works, I have also installed macOS successfully on the VMware virtual machine.

      1. I am asking for neither ‘Macintosh’ nor ‘Hachintosh’.
        Does ‘OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs’ works in Macbook Air/Pro ?
        What exact method you have used to create ‘OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs’…..?

        Have you used method something like ‘’ to create ‘OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs’.

        Please provide torrent download link for ‘OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs’ as soon as possible…..So that i can download it in my slow Internet connection…..

        Thanks & Regards…

          1. Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN/A Laptop 2017 (Core i5/8GB RAM/128GB SSD/33.78 cm (13.3″)/MacOS Sierra/ Intel HD Graphics 6000)

          1. I agree with Tu google drive is much quicker, i think something may be being overlooked in the installation process have you tried installing in verbose mode?? If so can you post the log?

          2. Huh i dont even think torrents will do good with that being said, is there any where you can go to use a better isp?

          3. Can you please post all Terminal commands which you have used during preparation of macOS MejovaUSB Instaler…?
            Have you added some extra kext, configuration files within .hfs package ?

          4. The only codes you should need are:
            -v Verbose mode
            -x Safe mode
            -s Single user mode

            That will get you a log for us to help you with your issue otherwise what are we trying to do here have him basically tell you how to build your own setup I as anyone who tries to help need data otherwise We are gumballing here I suggest stop picking his perfetly working programs and files apart and be open to working with the people trying to help you

          5. I think you had not created ‘Mojave.iso.cdr’ file..
            May be you first created ‘macOS Bootable USB’ and then backup it to either .dmg or .hfs file ?

            Does anybody have ‘Mojave.iso.cdr’ file ?

          6. And confirmed… I was going to wait for the offical release but i could not listen to this anymore so now My mac book air (2012) is on mojave beta 1 and getting ready to update to the latest beta so there you have it. Im done here

          7. I can not download 6 GB .hfs file. So i have to create it myself to test…
            How you create .hfs file from macOS Mojave USB Installer ?
            I have created different type of .dmg files but when i open with 7zip it does not show 5.hfs file….it show ‘Install macOS’.
            how exact you create .hfs file which i can map to usb partition 3 ?

            please help..

    2. Have you tried the mojave installer yet? It worked flawlessly for me it runs rootless, however it does require apfs filesystem conversion

      1. NOT YET….but i had tried high sierra.hfs last time in my ‘Macbook Air’ and got some required files missing error during Installation process…So i have to use Tyler Woods method to create disk image.hfs file to use with your clover boot disk..

        Currently i had ‘ macOS_Mojave_10.14[18A391][MAS].dmg’. I will create ‘Mojave.iso.cdr’ file using ‘’ to see if it will be identical to your ‘OSX_10.14.0_Installer.hfs’ or not ?

  28. In order to use for uefi bios you need to set type to efi partition and also select active just an fyi, i have been running Hackintosh’s for years with no issues. Great tool well done sir my hats off to you!

    1. Mình đã cập nhật bản macOS Mojave rồi đó bạn, sau này có bản mới thì bạn báo cho mình với nha. Cám ơn bạn rất nhiều.

  29. Hi Tu Nguyen,

    Thanks for the guide! Works perfectly.

    I am facing an issue when I select ‘Install macOS’, as it boots until start randomseed … end randomseed then reboots the whole PC.

    Any ideas on how to get to the installation stage? Thanks, David

  30. Using a Removable USB HDD and neither PartIMGMapper (No devices are supported. The program will exit now.) or CloverBootDiskCreator (There are no hard disk on your PC is supported to repartition. This tool only supports repartition for removable devices such as USB, SD Cards.) work.. any ideas?

  31. AcpI error 9 table load fauilre tbxf load 342 am getting this error with background black screen .please help me installing osc . My config i7 7700k Nvidia 1070 ,16 GB ram . Ssd ..Asus strix b250 mbd I am trying from long time googled nothing worked for me .

  32. Anh oi anh fix loi nay duoc ko no ko chay intel graphic 620
    [IGPU] Hash data from ME never returned, status = 1, doing retry #
    Loi trong macos 10.13.6 tro len

    1. Bạn thêm cái này vào mục Arguments trong /EFI/CLOVER/config.splist xem:

        1. Bạn biết tìm kiếm văn bản trong file không? Tìm cái đoạn này nè: Arguments. Rồi thêm vào.

  33. I was able to get PartIMGMapper to run by using the +hd switch. I noticed that the Clover box is greyed out and I cannot check it. I went ahead and ran through the rest of the steps. When I get to the part where I run CloverBootDiskCreator, I get an error stating ‘There are no hard disk on your PC is supported to repartition. This tool only supports repartition for removable devices such as USB, SD Cards.

    Is there a switch that I can run with CloverBootDiskCreator for it to work?

    1. Want to use it for Mac or Hackintosh?
      For Mac, you don’t need Clover at all. If you use UEFI, you don’t need to tick the Clover box.
      You can check the box WinNT5 instead of Clover.

      1. Still getting this error

        When I get to the part where I run CloverBootDiskCreator, I get an error stating ‘There are no hard disk on your PC is supported to repartition. This tool only supports repartition for removable devices such as USB, SD Cards.

        1. Sorry. Because the system has recognized your USB as a fixed hard disk.
          My tool does not support fixed hard disks.

          1. Going to try in a Win 7 VM. Seems Microsoft requires USB drives to mount as fixed disks

          2. It appears to be newer USB keys are forced to mount as fixed disks. An older USB stick should work.

  34. Dear Sir,
    I’m Run PartlMGMapper in This Time No Devices are supported. The program will exit now.
    Run CloneBootDiskCreator In this time there are no hard disk on your PC is supported to repartition.
    This tool only supports repartition for removable devices such as USB, SD cards.
    But I’M Install Pen Drive 64 GB. So Please Tell me how to Fix this error

    1. Maybe the system is recognizing your device as a fixed hard disk.
      Run PartIMGMapper.exe with the following command (cmd):

      PartIMGMapper.exe +hd
  35. Gracias!!!
    Lo probe para instalar Ios X en un Imac y funciono a la perfección! perfecto si no dispones de un disco de instalación!

    I test it on a Imac for install IOS X and work perfect!

  36. Running macos on a PC or laptops or Live from USB pen drives it’s almost impossible, no one really has done it correctly yet, all you see here and there and in YouTube are just scams, don’t wast your time, if you like macos go and get a mac laptop or mac desktop PC.

  37. Thanks for this installer. I can only install on Sierra and not High Sierra on my Yoga 500.
    Besides I can only install on external drive. I have commented on this earlier above.
    Disk Utility cannot find my internal drive after many days of trying and trying out
    different ktexts.

    Maybe if you have time, please take a look at why the internal drive is not detected by
    Sierra. Is this because Sierra has bugs?

    I was able to install High Sierra once only. I don’t remember how I did that! After that the
    installer refused to install again – cannot duplicate this process!!!

    If you have any personal experiences do share.

    Thanks for your great and simple installer anyway!

  38. Good afternoon Tu.
    1. Do you have any utility to create HFS file – just like yours (install images – 10.13.4 and 10.12.6)?
    Maybe you can recommend one. As a newbie, I would like to create an HFS
    image for El Capitan. This is because your Image Mapper is so easy to use.

    2. BTW I manage to install your 10.12.6 (Osx Sierra) on my Lenovo Laptop.
    It would not recognize the internal HD so I have to install on an external drive.
    We are doing this at our college and over ten of us are doing this.Maybe some of my
    friends may have written to you cos they have different personal problems.

    ***One important thing regarding this install. It sometimes work and sometimes not.
    So I have to rebuild my install diskso many times until I can memorize Aio>File>PartIMG!!!!
    Format again. Copy again. Run PartIMGMapper again. Ha!
    AuuuuGGh! God knows.


    1. Hey,

      1. You can use any supported program to create create macOS bootable usb.
      2. Create a partition image file from the partition containing the macOS installer using software such as GNOME Disks.

      For other issues, I think you should ask in the hackintosh forums.

  39. Hello, how are you ?

    Could not use TransMac?

    I’ve done all the right step but not Boot and does not start Mac installation.

    Could you help?

  40. Tried on Lenovo Yoga 500. Manage to get to the install page.
    Sierra can only see the install USB pen drive.
    Sierra cannot see the main hard disk in the notebook. How do I proceed?

    Another question. Is it possible to install on an external drive such as
    WD passport? I tried but PartIMGMapper cannot find or accept the
    external drive – so it exit.


    1. I have no solution to the first question.

      If you want to use the Partition Image Mapper for a fixed disk, just run it with the following command:

      PartIMGMapper.exe +hd

      Please note that you take all risks with the data on the disk.

    2. i want install mac osx on my lenovo flex 2 laptop but
      it didnt install,
      “root device uuid is ’72dda5e0—-
      end initbootstruct
      start load ramdisk
      end loadramdisk
      start finalizebootstruct
      start randomseed
      end randomseed

  41. Hi, stuck on “End randomseed”.
    It boot okay, then after I select “Install high Sierra” it stucks at “End randomseed” and reboots.
    Help me

  42. Image doesn’t work. “Recovery server cannot be contacted”. 3 hours later. Thanks.

      1. I tried a second time, with the newer image, I get a circle with a cross and a scrambled test on the screen.

        I think I’m gonna give up at this point. I’ve spent 4 days trying to get Mac on z370 and it’s just not working. I’ll check back again in a few months.

        1. I think the problem is that you have not configured Clover and added the appropriate KEXT. You should ask this question on the Hackintosh forums, maybe someone will give you their EFI directory and just replace it with the CLOVER drive.

      1. ‘/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other’ exists . (has two folders ‘10.8’ & ‘other’).
        ‘/EFI/CLOVER/config.splist’ exists

  43. I failed miserably.
    1. PartIMGMapper : “MAP” dows not create a .mbr file
    2. CloverBootDiskCreator: failed, returning 10009 access denied

      1. OK, used diskpart to clean USB.
        This time PartIMGMapper was successfull.
        Allas when booting from the newly created USB I get only windows (which is the OS on the computer’s disk)
        The USB has 3 partitions:
        *: 250 MB unallocated
        D: 6 GB other (assuming this is xOS)
        F: Clover 200 MB
        *: 8.12 GB unallocated (rest of the USB)
        Files in Clover folder: EFI, Librrary, boot7
        does that seem fine?

  44. none of the options work on windows 10 🙁

    Clover Boot Disk Creator gives this error: “Error, please contact to author for support! Access is denied Error code: 10007”


    PartIMG Mapper gives this error: “Maybe this file has been fragmented, use Defraggler t defrag and try again.”

    im stuck… any help on this please?

      1. That Diskpart (clean) did the trick (for usage with the old tool CloverBootDiskCreator)!

        But in any case after pressing Boot MacOS button in Clover after a (re)boot, the system shows me a white Apple and then reboots (into Windows).

  45. Ok, so that’s what I did to be able to install. Since the The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. I managed to find App Store high Sierra on the web downloaded it took the OS Install from it and replaced it in the USB that hat made it work installing. Right now everything works except from booting directly from hard drive without USB. I would like to configure in the clover to load from hard drive but in the EFI folder there’s no clover and config.plist. In the EFI thes only EFI, APPLE and no clover map… Is there any other way to configure high Sierra to boot from hard drive? I tried with multibeast but it completely damaged my hard drive…. Thanks

    1. I have the same problem. I wanted to do a clean install so my boot drive was wiped and repartitioned.

      Any suggestions how I can fix?

  46. Ok so I managed o install somehow but I need to know how to fix booting from hard drive and fix the Internet anyone knows? Thanks

  47. It doesn’t go, when I get the first screen while trying to install I get the messag: “The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.”. Any fix for this? If I will manage to get the high Sierra install from the App Store and replace the OS install.mpkg in the USB will the installation be succeeded then? Please help

  48. Is that the reason I get black screen with the apple white logo while I’m pressing the Mac OS X base system that just stuck and don’t install? so configuring the clover in the config.plist in the USB will fix the problem that I can’t install? Thanks

  49. I forgot to write that when I restart the computer I get the clover with no install hard Sierra but I do get: Boot MacOS from OS X base system, when I press on it I get a black screen with white apple logo, I’ve waited an hour nothing happens only same screen.

    1. Yes, the macOS partition will be named Mac OS X Base System. You need to configure Clover in the config.splist file and add the appropriate KEXT. You can learn about how to do it on Google. Search on Google to find out how to do it.

  50. Thanks for your reply, can you please explain, is Ubuntu like clover that I can boot when the computer start and load the installation of high Sierra from there and how to do it? Thanks

    1. No, Ubuntu is the operating system, it has support for accessing HFS+ partition on USB. I just want to make sure your USB drive contains HFS+ partition.
      You can create an Ubuntu bootable USB using AIO Boot or Rufus.

  51. I followed everything but when I restart the computer and load the USB there’s only clover but no install high Sierra, please help

  52. I followed everything after using the Partition image mapper also tried clover boot disc creator when I check the USB in Windows theres only clover in the USB no installer same when I reboot the computer I see the clover but there is no installer option. Please help

  53. i get this error at boot:

    “The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.”

    1. Dear Gianluca, did you find a solution for: The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.”

      Please help, thanks

  54. I’m getting “Maybe this file has been fragmented, use Defraggler t defrag and try again.” when I try to follow step 3.2 (Select OSX_10.13.1_Installer.hfs in row 2.). I already deefragged the USB stick, the file, everything, but the error persists.
    Can anyone help me out?
    Everything until then worked just fine.

          1. Which version did you download?
            For me, 10.13.2 shows that the osinstall is missing and 10.12.6 doesn’t even boot

  55. I received this error when use Clover Boot Disk Creator.
    Error, please contact to author for support!

    Access is denied

    Error code: 10007

    Please check help me.

  56. I also get error message when i select img files – there is message pleas contact author.. but there are not any contact informations..

    I would be nice at least add link to check if utility is last version.

    What make not sense from me it that image should be on same flash drive, where partiition should be created, why is not possible restore image from HDD to USB?

  57. Hi… really cool on what you did. but now i have a problem. i cant install anything on my mac becouse its formated. and im trying to configer my USB using this Method on PC(Windows 10)

    The problem is that i cant run PartIMGMapper on pc it says “No device are supported”.

    Did i miss something or its simple cant work on pc? if so is there another way to do it ?

        1. is it alright to explain what i should do on Mac to ?
          i mean i go to ultizdisk and click on restore to the internal hard drive and thats it ?

        2. Im getting an error when selecting a file PartIMG Mapper, unknown error accord contact admin for more information?
          and here is the log
          12/30/1899 6:55:37 AM – 100005 – Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 16299, 64-bit Edition)
          dose not mean anything to me if you ask 😉

          1. Here is another problem. im using 8 GB USB. when selecting Clover in PartIMG Mapper No problem but when i select OSX_10.13.1_Installer.hfs i get some error that that i should defraggler, tried that but nothing work.

            here to there is no logs

  58. Sorry but ‘CloverBootDisk’ does not seems to work in Real Macbook 13..Apple logo freezes for unlimited time…


        When I replace your .hfs file with the ‘Disk image.hfs’ of above ISO then it boot in Macboot Air 13 directly from .hfs partition. It’s looking .hfs of above ISO already have bootloader ? It boot even without using Clover partition ?

        What exact method you uses to create .hfs ? Does you use official method ? or any Macintosh or Hachintosh mehtod ?

          1. Did reformat USB twice and then try exFat too. but everytime i copy the files over usb it become fragmented. anyway i manage to do it on 16GB. but yea it didnt support AMD Phenom II 560 Cpu. I had Snow Lion on it before. but for now i will just use elementary os.