Clover Boot Disk – Create macOS High Sierra bootable USB from Windows

Clover Boot Disk includes tools and partition images to help you create macOS High Sierra bootable USB from Windows in just a few clicks.


As instructed here, I have successfully created a macOS High Sierra bootable USB from macOS. Then I thought I should back up the partition of the macOS installer and share it with everyone who wants to use it from Windows.

I have created two partition image files, the first is Clover Bootloader and the second one is macOS installer.  The only thing you need to do is use Partition Image Mapper to use these two files as two real partitions on your USB.

Clover Boot Disk is the name after you have a USB bootable via Clover. I have not tested on the official MAC. It works for Hackintosh machines. Clover Boot Disk supports both Legacy BIOS and UEFI modes, because Clover supports both modes.

This article does not instruct you to use Clover Bootloader, as well as install macOS. You need to study for your own.

Clover Boot Disk


Clover Boot Disk includes 3 files:

  • Clover.img
    This is the partition image of Clover Bootloader. It allows you to boot into Clover in both UEFI and Legacy modes.
  • OSX_10.13.3_Installer.hfs
    This is a partition image of the macOS High Sierra installer.
  • PartIMGMapper.exe
    Partition Image Mapper helps you to use the two partition images above as two real partitions on the USB.

Download all files at:

How to?

Once downloaded, we will use the Partition Image Mapper as the steps below. This tool is part of AIO Boot.

  1. Format the USB drive to NTFS. Because FAT32 can not contain files larger than 4GB. Skip this step if you are using NTFS.
  2. Create the folder /AIO/File/PartIMG on the USB drive and copy the Clover.img and OSX_10.13.3_Installer.hfs files to this folder.
  3. Run PartIMGMapper.exe
    Create macOS Sierra bootable USB from Windows

    1. Select Clover.img in row 1.
    2. Select OSX_10.13.3_Installer.hfs in row 2. You need to select HFS/HFS+ under Type.
    3. Select the Clover box under Install MBR if you want to boot Clover in Legacy mode.
  4. Click MAP button.
  5. The tool will back up the partition table information for later restoration. The file has .MBR extension in the same directory as PartIMGMapper.exe.
  6. Once used, run PartIMGMapper.exe, click UNMAP and select the previously backed up MBR file. All data and partitions will be restored as before.


  • For PCs (hackintosh), you need to add KEXT (/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other) and configure Clover (/EFI/CLOVER/config.splist) to be able to boot and install macOS.
  • If the latest version does not work, try the older versions.

PartIMG Mapper

PartIMG Mapper has the same features as Partition Image Mapper, but it runs directly on Grub2 and Grub4dos without Windows.

Clover do not allow overlapping partitions. This means that the beginning of this partition is part of another partition. To fix this, just delete the partition where you are putting the Clover.img and OSX_10.13.3_Installer.hfs files above.

Clover Boot Disk Creator

Some users have reported that they experience an error when using Partition Image Mapper. If you also encounter errors, you can Clover Boot Disk Creator tool. However, your USB will lose all data, only use this tool if the Partition Image Mapper does not work.

Clover Boot Disk Creator

  1. Clover: Select the Clover.img file.
  2. OSX: Selects the OSX_10.13.3_Installer.hfs file.
  3. Target Disk: Select your USB.
  4. Click OK.

Good luck!


67 thoughts on “Clover Boot Disk – Create macOS High Sierra bootable USB from Windows”

          1. Did reformat USB twice and then try exFat too. but everytime i copy the files over usb it become fragmented. anyway i manage to do it on 16GB. but yea it didnt support AMD Phenom II 560 Cpu. I had Snow Lion on it before. but for now i will just use elementary os.


        When I replace your .hfs file with the ‘Disk image.hfs’ of above ISO then it boot in Macboot Air 13 directly from .hfs partition. It’s looking .hfs of above ISO already have bootloader ? It boot even without using Clover partition ?

        What exact method you uses to create .hfs ? Does you use official method ? or any Macintosh or Hachintosh mehtod ?

  1. Hi… really cool on what you did. but now i have a problem. i cant install anything on my mac becouse its formated. and im trying to configer my USB using this Method on PC(Windows 10)

    The problem is that i cant run PartIMGMapper on pc it says “No device are supported”.

    Did i miss something or its simple cant work on pc? if so is there another way to do it ?

        1. is it alright to explain what i should do on Mac to ?
          i mean i go to ultizdisk and click on restore to the internal hard drive and thats it ?

        2. Im getting an error when selecting a file PartIMG Mapper, unknown error accord contact admin for more information?
          and here is the log
          12/30/1899 6:55:37 AM – 100005 – Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 16299, 64-bit Edition)
          dose not mean anything to me if you ask 😉

          1. Here is another problem. im using 8 GB USB. when selecting Clover in PartIMG Mapper No problem but when i select OSX_10.13.1_Installer.hfs i get some error that that i should defraggler, tried that but nothing work.

            here to there is no logs

  2. I also get error message when i select img files – there is message pleas contact author.. but there are not any contact informations..

    I would be nice at least add link to check if utility is last version.

    What make not sense from me it that image should be on same flash drive, where partiition should be created, why is not possible restore image from HDD to USB?

  3. I received this error when use Clover Boot Disk Creator.
    Error, please contact to author for support!

    Access is denied

    Error code: 10007

    Please check help me.

  4. I’m getting “Maybe this file has been fragmented, use Defraggler t defrag and try again.” when I try to follow step 3.2 (Select OSX_10.13.1_Installer.hfs in row 2.). I already deefragged the USB stick, the file, everything, but the error persists.
    Can anyone help me out?
    Everything until then worked just fine.

          1. Which version did you download?
            For me, 10.13.2 shows that the osinstall is missing and 10.12.6 doesn’t even boot

  5. i get this error at boot:

    “The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.”

    1. Dear Gianluca, did you find a solution for: The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.”

      Please help, thanks

  6. I followed everything after using the Partition image mapper also tried clover boot disc creator when I check the USB in Windows theres only clover in the USB no installer same when I reboot the computer I see the clover but there is no installer option. Please help

  7. I followed everything but when I restart the computer and load the USB there’s only clover but no install high Sierra, please help

  8. Thanks for your reply, can you please explain, is Ubuntu like clover that I can boot when the computer start and load the installation of high Sierra from there and how to do it? Thanks

    1. No, Ubuntu is the operating system, it has support for accessing HFS+ partition on USB. I just want to make sure your USB drive contains HFS+ partition.
      You can create an Ubuntu bootable USB using AIO Boot or Rufus.

  9. I forgot to write that when I restart the computer I get the clover with no install hard Sierra but I do get: Boot MacOS from OS X base system, when I press on it I get a black screen with white apple logo, I’ve waited an hour nothing happens only same screen.

    1. Yes, the macOS partition will be named Mac OS X Base System. You need to configure Clover in the config.splist file and add the appropriate KEXT. You can learn about how to do it on Google. Search on Google to find out how to do it.

  10. Is that the reason I get black screen with the apple white logo while I’m pressing the Mac OS X base system that just stuck and don’t install? so configuring the clover in the config.plist in the USB will fix the problem that I can’t install? Thanks

  11. It doesn’t go, when I get the first screen while trying to install I get the messag: “The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.”. Any fix for this? If I will manage to get the high Sierra install from the App Store and replace the OS install.mpkg in the USB will the installation be succeeded then? Please help

  12. Ok so I managed o install somehow but I need to know how to fix booting from hard drive and fix the Internet anyone knows? Thanks

  13. Ok, so that’s what I did to be able to install. Since the The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. I managed to find App Store high Sierra on the web downloaded it took the OS Install from it and replaced it in the USB that hat made it work installing. Right now everything works except from booting directly from hard drive without USB. I would like to configure in the clover to load from hard drive but in the EFI folder there’s no clover and config.plist. In the EFI thes only EFI, APPLE and no clover map… Is there any other way to configure high Sierra to boot from hard drive? I tried with multibeast but it completely damaged my hard drive…. Thanks

  14. none of the options work on windows 10 🙁

    Clover Boot Disk Creator gives this error: “Error, please contact to author for support! Access is denied Error code: 10007”


    PartIMG Mapper gives this error: “Maybe this file has been fragmented, use Defraggler t defrag and try again.”

    im stuck… any help on this please?

      1. That Diskpart (clean) did the trick (for usage with the old tool CloverBootDiskCreator)!

        But in any case after pressing Boot MacOS button in Clover after a (re)boot, the system shows me a white Apple and then reboots (into Windows).

  15. I failed miserably.
    1. PartIMGMapper : “MAP” dows not create a .mbr file
    2. CloverBootDiskCreator: failed, returning 10009 access denied

      1. OK, used diskpart to clean USB.
        This time PartIMGMapper was successfull.
        Allas when booting from the newly created USB I get only windows (which is the OS on the computer’s disk)
        The USB has 3 partitions:
        *: 250 MB unallocated
        D: 6 GB other (assuming this is xOS)
        F: Clover 200 MB
        *: 8.12 GB unallocated (rest of the USB)
        Files in Clover folder: EFI, Librrary, boot7
        does that seem fine?

      1. ‘/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other’ exists . (has two folders ‘10.8’ & ‘other’).
        ‘/EFI/CLOVER/config.splist’ exists

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