This article will guide you on how to change the Clover theme on Windows, Linux and macOS without using the Clover Theme Manager.

How to change Clover theme


You can download Clover Theme Manager including all Clover themes here. Click the Download Snapshot button to download it as a ZIP file.

Or use the following command to clone this source if your computer has git installed.

git clone cloverefiboot-themes

After extracting, you will see 90 folders in \cloverefiboot-themes\themes\. Here are the 90 Clover themes that you can use. Open screenshot.png in each folder to preview the theme.

Change Clover theme

Once you’ve found the theme you want, copy the theme folder into \EFI\CLOVER\themes directory. AIO Boot is using the BGM theme so you can see the BGM folder here. On Windows, you can use the mountvol command to mount the EFI System Partition if you installed Clover on the EFI System Partition.

Ok now we will change a value in file \EFI\CLOVER\config.plist to change Clover theme. Open the config.plist file and look for the following:


Change the value of the two opening and closing tags of the string to the theme folder name that you copied before.


In the code above, I’m using the BGM theme. Save this file and boot into Clover for testing.

This way we can change the Clover theme without having to install the Clover Theme Manager. And of course, you can do this on Windows or Linux. In addition to changing the Clover theme, you can also change the screen resolution, ConsoleMode, language, mouse, and more. Check out the official documentation at Clover Wiki.

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