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  1. Manjaro and feliz arch loader select iso files with order, Linux gives error after automatic selection grub screen comes up.Linux mint, ubuntu, debian systems I have never had problems AIO boot is really nice program updates after the good features come true indeed qemu is good 🙂 english is not so good sorry for this 🙁

  2. Using the updated AIOBoot, I selected Manjaro and selected the iso file and it worked fine perfect! Thank you! Tứ Nguyễn

  3. Adding licenses, programs, reg files etc. after system installation. I am using OEM for the process. If this or similar processes are included in the AIO boot program, I think that the user can use the reg file that they use in similar own OEM file in the source directory.if you want to examine | 2.39MB Zip file content: ($OEM$:x64/x86 folder with 7Zip,KMS.cmd,mypc.reg (OnlyForWin10!),SetupComplete.cmd) Thanks.

    1. Hi, It depends on the ISO file that the user uses. There are many users they will not trust when we add other components. They like the original from Microsoft. Besides, we do not have license keys.

      1. When wim file is added, I think that install can be connected to iso file created with source directory So KMS adds 180 days of serial VL Volume versions others are 90 days. Even if there are no licenses, user reg switches, unattended programs could be seamless with OEM way, I just suggested it to be an addition of a different feature to work.mine is just a thought

    1. Hi, thank you,

      You have translated the file in the old version. I also noticed that lines 5, 6 and 7 are not exactly.

      Please use “en.cfg” file in the latest version. After translation, copy it to new file and rename to “tr.cfg”, run AIOCreator.exe -> Settings -> Turkish and Save.
      You can then check the translation using QEMU.

    1. Hi, thank but this translation is incorrect. Please refer to the English translation.

      Please help me check on line 36: “. N3. ”
      Line 37: “.nn “/boot/grub/loopback.cfg”

      I’m sorry, but if you translate wrong, will make it difficult for the user.

        1. Hi,

          Thank you, but this translation is still incorrect.

          Line 5:
          – en.cfg: Please translate or edit the text in quotation marks (“”) if it is not correct. n is a newline, ${1} is the variable passed to functions.
          – tr.cfg: Lütfen satır ekleme,silme veya taşıma yapmayın,”%s” yi…………..

          Line 37:
          – tr.cfg: Have this:
          – en.cfg: does not contain the text above.

  4. Hello

    I have a 2TB MBR (Windows 10) disk that I would like to move
    to a 4TB GPT disk and boot it with a legacy bios!

    Can this be done with AIO Boot?

      1. Thanks did all that……still can’t boot into GPT disk……..error: module ‘ntfscomp’ isn’t loading entering rescue mode

  5. Làm sao để remove mấy cái boot cũ trong USB bạn? Ví dụ mình đã thêm Win 10 setup, sau đó có bản windows 10 mới hơn, mình cần remove cái cũ, và add cái mới vào. Cảm ơn bạn

          1. that’s why i tried this app! my Shuttle motherboard only has a Legacy Boot!
            Boot from GPT hard disk in Legacy BIOS mode – AIO Boot

  6. Hello, grub4dos was a fine tool to load iso-files from the windows bootmanager; but it won’t work under uefi 🙁
    Just a few files copied and at least one entry in the bootmanager with bcedit. the rest was editing the menu.lst.

    Can i do the steps from AIO Boot also manually? Without AIO Boot? i like to have control and won’t change anything on my existing windows.
    i see i need a FAT32-partition. Any documentation for manually install?


  7. I haven’t tried your product yet, but will shortly. I just wanted to say thank you, but also to tell you how informative this site is , and how well you communicate what you are doing. If there is a language barrier, it is not noticed, and you communicate the issues at hand and the products of the other software better than what I have read repeatedly on their sites. You are an asset to the world in which we live.

    Robert W. McFalls

  8. Hello! Please tell me how to create a partimg file for ubuntu, I can not boot from it, with iso loaded without problems, help please, thank you in advance.

    1. Именно, я хочу постоянный режим, тем самым установив систему убунту виртуально на PARTIMG, например с дистрибутивами на базе android AIOBOOT автоматически создает постоянный режим предлагая пользователю выбор размера виртуальной памяти, это очень удобно, когда нет дополнительных разделов HDD для чистой установки, я бы очень хотел иметь такую же возможность постоянного режима для систем убунту. Спасибо Вам за хорошую работу и лучшей утилиты которая включает в себя всё, вплоть до клевера. Что также упрощает установку macos для хакинтош сообщества!

  9. Hello, i have a Question, i bought the latest Version of Easy Recovery Essentials but they dont work with the newest Version of Aio Boot (
    Is this a known Error? I have Version Win 7, Win8 and Win10. They have Boot Loops or they dont load the Repair Window with a network error.

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