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AIO Boot is freeware and safe to use. Below is information about the current version of AIO Boot that you can download.

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24 thoughts on “Download AIO Boot”

  1. I find it to be successful, no problem at all, in my wishes, Qemu could be a similar test tool, I think it would be better to expand the menu size in general.Best work thanks!

      1. vmlite is vboot2

        This also happens when you run grub2 ligature in aio boot, “can not find command vboot”

        I find it hard to use grub2 as a starting point.

        vboot2 is using native bootable vhd files

  2. Брат, Я очень Уважаю твой труд. Спасибо что ты есть. ты очень сильный и умный человек. Дай бог тебе много сил и надежды.

  3. ERROR report. On my system, I have 3 memory card readers installed with the Dell system. The way it is setup, all 3 drives are populated with drive letters. So I have an H, I, and P drives. But they are empty. When I start the AIO_Boot_Extractor program, it pops up a warning that “There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive I:.” And I can cancel, Try Again, or Continue. This is repeated with the other drives. So the program has to be killed since it cannot continue. It is an endless loop. I may be able to go into Disk Management and un-allocate those drive letters to fix it. But you have a bug. It should not care whether a removable drive is removed!

      1. А если сделать патч для этой сборки, чтобы можно было просто вручную копировать ее на флэшку?

      2. Сборка очень популярная, многие будут благодарны, я поддержу Вас финансами в понедельник.

      3. В сборке есть файл AllWinUSB.iso, вот только его нужно интегрировать. остальные файлы пользователь будет закидывать вручную.

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