AIO Boot NewGen

AIO Boot NewGen is another version under development, those who are using AIO Boot, please consider switching.

Before running the tool, you agree that unforeseen risks may occur. That can lead to data loss and anything else.

The file is packaged on a Windows 10 environment with Windows Security enabled. If your Anti-Virus detects any threats, I think this is just a mistake.

Size13.9 MB
RequirementsWindows 7 and later

WinPE 11, this is a version built specifically for NewGen. Download then drag and drop the 7z file into the tool to integrate.

Size1.61 GB

AIO Boot

AIO Boot is freeware and safe to use. Below is information about the current version of AIO Boot that you can download.

This software is discontinued.

What’s New?See Change history
Size36.1 MB
Mirror Link
Safety certificationSoftpedia and
Other downloads


  • If you install AIO Boot on a partition on the same disk as the Windows partition, if you later want to uninstall it, do not delete the AIO and EFI folders. See How to use.
  • Maybe one of the links above is updating slowly. Please check the links with the latest version as above.
  • If this version has problems, please try the older versions and let me know this. I will try to fix this problem.
  • If you want to share the link to download AIO Boot, please share this page, or use the Google Drive link, it is always the latest version.
  • SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.1 Solid State Flash Drive is good to use.
  • If you are a Linux user, see the tutorial on how to Install Grub2 for AIO Boot and integrate WinPE 10 on Linux or use Grub2 File Manager.
  • I’m not responsible for unintentional incidents. Use this tool at your own risk.

False Positive

Any antivirus program that blocks AIO Boot software is a false positive. This means that their analysis is confused.

You can check the downloaded file with VirusTotal. Some are using the Virus definitions of other programs. The results of the famous anti-virus program should be more trust.

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  1. im not being able to use the new version. It shows me the disk, i select it, but when i press install in the cmd in background shows me “please select the drives” and dont pass trough that.

    1. You must select both drives as required, 1 NTFS/exFAT drive and 1 FAT32 drive.

  2. In AIO Boot version the PXE option (Tiny PXE Server) could assign 6 IPs in specific VLANs for example, in AIO Boot NewGen it only starts from 1 forward for example

    1. This tool checks available IPs from x.x.x.254 down to x.x.x.2. Is proxyHDCP option enabled? Do you think there should be more options to set IP address ranges?

  3. Hi Tu Nguyen
    First of all I want to thank you for your great tool. I have tested newgen aio and want to share my thoughts:
    1-We can not add wim files. Please add this feature.
    2-On the old aioboot there was much more features like changing wallpaper, adding custom theme, preferring bootloader, creating single partition usb bootable devices and etc… Would you please add all these features again?
    3-Newgen aioboot doesn’t support linux distros.
    I wrote several times before my this message but every time my message dissapeared. I don’t know if you will read this message also.

    1. Sorry, I didn’t check all the comments because most of them are spam. The features that will be implemented depend on my free time, and the features should be easy to maintain, stable in the long term.

    1. Delete both partitions from diskmgmt.msc and create a new one. A single partition. Then run the tool and let the tool create partitions on its own from auto-partition. If you want NTFS instead of exFAT, format the newly created exFAT to NTFS before install. Once that is done, install the utility from install. You would all good to go.

    2. This disk is in GPT style, BIOS boot partition is missing. Please check my latest posts.

  4. I scanned the AIO_Boot_Extractor.exe on VirusTotal. It returned with one file as possibly Malicious. The Trapmine file.
    Security vendors’ analysis
    Trapmine –
    All of the other files passed the test.

  5. I think dev has lost the passion for this project.. Go ahead and use Ventoy.. RIP AIO Boot..

  6. Hi Developer,

    Please release new version of this master piece of software with possibilities to integrate more advance iso’s and other stuff with lot more enhanced features.

    Prabhjot Singh Teharia

  7. Hi Developer,

    Long time since this software is updated. As per my below comment Dual boot iso files are not getting integrated and shows error as “Invalid Image”, rest all working fine. Help please.

  8. Hi Developer,

    Long time no updates, Hope you are good. More than a year since update. Hope you will make a good comeback with lot more features.

    Prabhjot Singh Teharia

  9. Hi Creator,

    Long time since last update @ 25-10-2020. Till now this software is working fine, but on some Newly downloaded windows 7 and Windows 10 ISO files it shows “invalid image” while integration. Any suggestions?

    Prabhjot Singh

  10. Deepin doesn’t work! “Installation Failed
    Read the QR Code or photograph the error log for us
    submit. This will help resolve the issue.
    !! Error: tailed unquashts, /run/live/med a/live/filesystem.squashfs
    2021-07-31, 02: 22: 35.532 [Error J [
    ed: “2l_extract_base_filesystem .job”
    2021-07-31, 02: 22: 35.535 [Debug J [
    pin-installer.conf key = “DI_INSTALL_SUCCESSED” =
    5.6.24, 20.2.2, Desktop”

  11. Is there size limit for creating Fat32 partition ? When I try to create a 60Gb Fat32 partition, I get an error saying ” Error, please contact to author support!”

  12. hi, i used this tool since 2 years. on my other 2 pc´s it´s ok. on my fuijtsu pc a error occurs: symbol “grub_alloc” not found.
    how can I fix it?

    1. Simply Follow this & all will be OK with UEFI Boot on GPT Disk.

      Use AIOBOOT with GPT Disk Layout & NTFS Partition on [UEFI BIOS]

      Create a 100 MB FAT Partition on Drive First via [Diskpart]
      Copy EFI Directory
      Name this 100mb Partition as EFI & Remove its Drive Letter via [Diskpart]

      Create Second Partition Either NTFS or Exfat with Rest of External Drive Space
      Copy Both AIO & EFI Directory
      Hide EFI Directory
      open elevated command prompt
      Write Drive Letter of Second Partition press Enter
      now command “attrib +s +h EFI” without quotes to super hide EFI directory on Second Partition
      Exit Command Prompt Now
      Name This Patition as AIOBOOT
      Execute AIOCreator as Admin Click on Tools & Click Install Grub2 Legacy

      Have Fun.
      Enjoy your AIO Bootable Drive with NTFS Partition on GPT Disk Layout [UEFI BIOS]

  13. hey 🙂

    i want to try this tool, but it want a password for the extraction
    unfortunately i doesn’t found the needed password on your page

    have you, or someone else this password?
    thanks in advance

  14. If i have a fixed iso filename for installing windows (lets say “windows10setup”), what would be the grub command line to add it to menu.cfg?

  15. “install Windows from ISO”, is not working!
    After 1-2 mins, it restarts PC and boots normal to hard drive…

    It’s a pity because it’s such a useful option!

    Any thoughts?

  16. Use AIOBOOT with GPT Disk Layout & NTFS Partition on [UEFI BIOS]

    Create a 100 MB FAT Partition on Drive First via [Diskpart]
    Copy EFI Directory
    Name this 100mb Partition as EFI & Remove its Drive Letter via [Diskpart]

    Create Second Partition Either NTFS or Exfat with Rest of External Drive Space
    Copy Both AIO & EFI Directory
    Hide EFI Directory
    open elevated command prompt
    Write Drive Letter of Second Partition press Enter
    now command “attrib +s +h EFI” without quotes to super hide EFI directory on Second Partition
    Exit Command Prompt Now
    Name This Patition as AIOBOOT
    Execute AIOCreator as Admin Click on Tools & Click Install Grub2 Legacy

    Have Fun.
    Enjoy your AIO Bootable Drive with NTFS Partition on GPT Disk Layout [UEFI BIOS]

  17. Developer of AIOBOOT please improve your Software a Bit More & Release Final version with almost all fixes

      1. Yes, after check change history it’s work I was tested complete installation in 10 desktops yesterday. It’s work like a charm. Thanks you much. It will save lot of time for all IT members and support team staff. No need to create bootable pen drive and manually install windows / linux in systems one by one.

        Thank you so much.

  18. New version 9.9.2 do not work with UEFI Mode .. its shows Black screen

    Only work with Legacy mode .

    Please fix it..

    1. Use AIOBOOT with GPT Disk Layout & NTFS Partition to Bypass Fat32 Partition 4 gb ISO Warning

      Create a 100 MB FAT Partition on Drive First via [Diskpart]
      Copy EFI Directory
      Name this 100mb Partition as EFI & Remove its Drive Letter via [Diskpart]

      Create Second Partition Either NTFS or Exfat with Rest of External Drive Space
      Copy Both AIO & EFI Directory
      Hide EFI Directory
      open elevated command prompt
      Write Drive Letter of Second Partition press Enter
      now command “attrib +s +h EFI” without quotes to super hide EFI directory on Second Partition
      Exit Command Prompt Now
      Name This Patition as AIOBOOT
      Execute AIOCreator as Admin Click on Tools & Click Install Grub2 Legacy

      Have Fun.
      Enjoy your AIO Bootable Drive with NTFS Partition on GPT Disk Layout.

  19. good night, in the new version why is support for HDD removed ?. I really like this tool, I made bootable AIO on an external HDD follow the tutorial in this video ( but if the new version is removed so it can no longer make it on an external HDD

  20. I’m using AIO the last 2 years . It’s by far the best app for creating multi boot USBs!!!
    I’m downloading now the new version!

    Thank you!!

  21. I still find this the best boot tool there is. I use it everyday. sure there are a few things that it will not boot but it boots 90 percent of what I try so that is pretty darn good. sure there is another multi boot that works well so if you have both you can boot anything. I just like this best .. I put it on all my drives hard and usb. the only problem I have ever had is that it is limited to a 3 tb drive usb or hard. could be me thought as I am no expert. but I just use a usb disk to boot drives that are larger than 3 tb. so I say this is a must have product. use it daily or emergency. you want at least one usb with this on it. it is the only booter I know that boots windows vhd without installing. just open file manager select the vhd you want to boot and presto you are up and running. thanks for this amazing program

  22. Hello! The latest version does not work with Clover, the number 7 appears and remains on the black screen!

  23. Hi everyone,
    i am using aioboot via pxe boot.
    With this system:

    Integration->Windows->Windows 7/8.1/10/Server

    I entered windows 10 v.1909 and everything works fine.
    I’m trying to insert windows 10 v.2004 but I can’t
    to make it work.
    It gives me these errors:

    “Enter the network path
    Or press cancel to reboot.
    You need to share the aio boot dire”

    Why with the 1909 version does not give this error and with the 2004 version gives it?


  24. Hey Tu Nguyen,

    are you still working on this great tool?

    I think there is some bug with grub preventing some Windows PE (tested Win10PE SE) builds from boot (stuck at loading files 34%).. I cannot say what is the problem but the more stuff I integrate at some point it fails, but it seems no specific addition is the problem, it is the amount or the size.. My ISO is around 1,1GB.. Flashed on a stick with rufus is booting fine.. Using UEFI Boot mode..

    If I choose Windows Bootmanager in your tool it works but from there I cannot boot Linux images. From grub there is the problem described..

    Hope there will be a fix for this, as I nearly did 100 builds to trace the issue but came to the conclusion, that the build is not the problem..

    Best Regards and Thanks for your hard work!

    1. Update:

      Workaround for me is to use Refind in first place, from there I can boot Windows (with no Error at 34%) and Grub.. So really having a good time now with my Ultimate Boot Stick 🙂

  25. I thought this tool does make USB boot stick in user save nerve mode !
    Why not provide USB img file that is bootable within file itself trough some tool that simply makes usb stick bootable within few clicks !
    ISO file image when it is modified but boot when it is burned from optics drive, but boot not in none of the case with various boot USB tools trying to make, is ISO file image for that purpose completely obsolete for that purpose. Way to many problems with crap tech that doesn’t work!!! Going back to late 99′ where media burning and booting works every god damn time while in 2020 USB boot-able media creation tool does not work !!!

    For all of u with the same/similar problems just throw out USB stick’s out of window ! If developers are not capable once and for all to solve god damn boot from USB to work as a classic CD/DVD boot methods that works just about 100% every time, then they should go pack the bags and vanish from net not posting any NERVE eating tools any more ! These tools concepts are not also nerve eating but also TIME consuming with 100% non usable result. Some may disagree with me, but so much negative experience simply shows how really useless those tools are !

    1. I thought, I thought, I thought … and I really wanted to understand what you are saying.

    2. Chill, there are other Tools which do the Job not as good as this one.. It is the best we have, so don’t complain and find another way with the things you got.. Dunno what you are trying to boot, so how we could help you?

      What works for me so far:

      – Windows 10 2004 (built with Win10XPE)
      – desinfec’t (Linux)
      – Ubuntu 20.04
      – VEEAM Recovery Media (WinPE)
      – Partition Wizard 12 (WinPE)

      But on some PCs I have to boot in Legacy Mode (did you try this?), don’t know if I should blame AIO Boot for this..

    3. If you all ready know how to boot a cd then why are you even trying aio? Aio boot is the best Ihave ever used. boots over 90 percent of what I want booted right from file manager. I do not have to even waste my time burning a cd. go back to the 90s then and relive your cd glory days as the rest of us use aio boot an a hard drive or usb stick. I think you forgot that aio will boot only cds that are bootable. sounds to me like you are trying to boot something that can not.

  26. Hello, every time i try to run app and start with fomat it give me an error.
    I’m on Windows 10 X64.
    How can I fix it?
    Thnak you.

  27. Best program ever for using some partitions, and different setup (Windows 10) Linux, Backup tools. Only this Programm works in UEFI and Legacy too. Best work…perfect….and this for nothing. Great….

  28. I got 7 (seven) DVDs of a Debian Distribution (+ 2 Updates) Format is ISO. How to install them to my LapTop whis the help of AIO Boot ? LapTop has no DVD Drive

  29. Sorry I’m asking on this comment,
    Why it failed when I tried to make Windows 10 Enterprise USB installer after picking Integration tab and selecting ISO file for the first try:
    X ERROR please contact the author for support
    I did make it for multiple Linux distros assortment into a USB more than a year ago. Allthe 5 distros are successful..
    I did tinkered around my windows OS i.e. stopped/disabled some services, is that the cause of making it failed? What services are mandatory ?

    1-Gandalf’s Windows 10PE
    2-DLC Boot 2019 3.6 Build 190411


  31. THANK YOU!

    It was the best way to boot my Hewlett Packard Proliant Microserver Gen 8 via SD-Card with the 5th Disk in the DVD Tray (which is not able by the BIOS)

    It would be a pleasure to me to donate!

    Kinf Regards

  32. Hi
    May I ask you why have you stopped upgrading the very very excellent AIO program since the version AIO_Boot_0.9.8.17?
    Best regards


  33. Hai,
    Thanks for your work your software only install os speedly when i expect the next version ones again thanks except ur update as soon as speedly

  34. Hi ;
    I’m trying to integrate PhoenixOS 3.5.0 and error.
    “Could not detect this file.Please select a packgage in the list.”

  35. Brother please compile final version at this is working flawlessly . i think it must be recompiled to final version 0.9.9 with some more tools added in menu as requested by your aioboot multiboot users.

  36. Hi, Thank you for your great work!
    I have a question, please:
    How can add kon-boot 2.7 to work on UEFI system?

  37. Believe me if I tell you that the program is the best program in the category, but explain the problem you are progressing professional and I am a professional user

  38. Hey, buddy!
    I’m going to ask you two questions:

    1-Is there possibility to put “start of the hard drive” with the first option of the list in the menu of the AIO boot (useful for Windows to continue the installation if we were not close and enter the AIO boot again)?

    2-can AIO Boot detect UEFI or Legacy automatically without having to enter the Refind?

    Thank you

    1. Yes, you can boot Windows from the Grub2 menu of AIO Boot without rEFInd, which automatically detects UEFI or Legacy.

  39. Hi, have you been able to look into the “Filename has invalid characters” bug that I reported a few days ago in the “Contact Us” page?

      1. The error happened with “Hiren’s Boot CD.iso”, “Ultimate Boot CD.iso” and RipLinux.iso”.
        It only worked after removing all the characters from the filename except the first one. e.g. “H.iso”, “U.iso”.

        1. Yes, remove the space in your file.
          I just wanted to make it easier, the tool will extract the file to the directory under the name of the file, and I’m not sure Grub2 will support it.

  40. How can the program install any size of Windows? My external HDD partition is 60 GB but it’s FAT32. This is amazing!

          1. Another thing that made my life easier. My HDD appears in the Boot Menu with UEFI and Legacy version, I can load the AIO Boot without facing Secure Boot. You were inspired when you programmed AIO Boot … You can join all software of the genre of the market that does not reach 30% of AIO Boot.

  41. But anyway all is fine and Iam Happy that i can boot my Sysrep Installation with a Faster HDD
    Do you think this will also working on a external SSD with USB 3.1?
    Regards from Switzerland to Vietnam 🙂

  42. Hi Tu Nguyen

    Your tool is working great !
    my Question is can i change the menu entrie as example for WINPE & SETUP and my other Question is what is the max size for the partition on the Harddsik for the Grub at the moment i have 120 GB But before i had 250 GB and when i had more files inside as 128 GB all was broken that is the reason for this Question.

  43. Hi Tu Nguyen

    I have tested and it is working the normal way also my my 4 sysrep installtion with complete installation all apps and settings is working in windows 7(8/10 O_O great thank you for that !!!
    sysrep means in this case do the complete installation from your os in a virtual maschine with all apps and settings and dooing a sysrep put the sysrep in a windows installation is change the wim and it is working great that was the reason that i need to boot the complete ISO file.

    Could you tell me what is the max size for the partition becauss i use a 1 TB external HDD at the moment i use 128GB and can i change the the title in the mainmenu “boot from hdd” etc?

    this is the best tool on the market it is working great thank you thank you


    1. The minimum partition size is the size that this tool is after extracting. There is no limit to the maximum size.

      I don’t understand what you mean. “title in the mainmenu”??? What is its current?

  44. Hi
    Can you please explain how i can boot directly ISO files as example windows 7 + windows 10 with winpe ..or with your aioboot with a USB external HDD
    because i need to do with winpe i will use a external HDD and i know when you boot iso files with firadisk on a external hdd then you have the message there is no vd/dvd virtual drive installed.
    thank you very much

    1. Why don’t you integrate the ISO of Windows through AIOCreator.exe?

      You can boot ISO using Grub4dos.
      Open the /AIO/Menu/Grub4dos.lst file and add the following code:

      title Boot Windows ISO
      map /Windows7.iso (0xff) || map --mem /Windows7.iso (0xff)
      map --hook
      chainloader (0xff)

      You see the message “A required CD / DVD drive device driver is missing” because Windows 7 does not support USB 3.0 drivers. If you integrate ISO through AIOCreator.exe, this program will help you add drivers.

  45. Anyone any ideas?
    It would be very useful to that problem
    creating boot creator
    or are there any ways to fix it?

  46. I can’t access my email now i just use it to comment here 🙂
    Maybe i can create another install windows 10 Legacy to harddrive and restore Legacy mode from it, but right now i don’t have other harddrive’s 🙂
    Or you can maybe create Legacy or UEFI Mode boot creator 🙂
    it is coolest useful program.

  47. Hello
    First of all I’d like to thank you for your software. I’m sorry for the emails (we always want more :)). I want to send you a message with sincere thanks … Your software is perfect, in my opinion and with experience of using these types of software, there is none that exceeds AIO Boot: fast to enter the Main Menu, fast to execute .ISOs or any file from the Menus, quick to enter menus, etc. AIO Boot was the software of the year for me in 2017 and entered my top 20 of best software for Windows in general. I was already discouraged with Easy2Boot, WinSetupFromUSB, Rufus, YUMI, UNetbootin, XBoot and all! I have already used AIO boot on many Desktops and Notetboks (Legacy, UEFI, BIOS, Security Boot, etc) and I did not have any kind of problem! A big thank you directly from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

    Best Regards,

    Rafael Soares

  48. Hi, thank you for your system;
    I tried AIO Boot USB on 3 different PC but my Laptop, HP Pavilion DV6-6020ET, was not boot. When i want to boot on my laptop, was shown “Grub loading” then Welcome to AIO Boot then the laptop was frozen. Also it can work other USB boot systems, espically the system built on grub4dos.
    Have you any solution or suggestions for this matter

    1. I’m sorry but maybe Grub2 is not compatible with your computer.
      You can install Grub4dos as the default boot loader instead of Grub2. AIOCreator.exe -> Bootloaders -> Grub4dos.
      Or use another tool.

      1. А если сделать патч для этой сборки, чтобы можно было просто вручную копировать ее на флэшку?

      2. Сборка очень популярная, многие будут благодарны, я поддержу Вас финансами в понедельник.

      3. В сборке есть файл AllWinUSB.iso, вот только его нужно интегрировать. остальные файлы пользователь будет закидывать вручную.

  49. ERROR report. On my system, I have 3 memory card readers installed with the Dell system. The way it is setup, all 3 drives are populated with drive letters. So I have an H, I, and P drives. But they are empty. When I start the AIO_Boot_Extractor program, it pops up a warning that “There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive I:.” And I can cancel, Try Again, or Continue. This is repeated with the other drives. So the program has to be killed since it cannot continue. It is an endless loop. I may be able to go into Disk Management and un-allocate those drive letters to fix it. But you have a bug. It should not care whether a removable drive is removed!

  50. Брат, Я очень Уважаю твой труд. Спасибо что ты есть. ты очень сильный и умный человек. Дай бог тебе много сил и надежды.

      1. vmlite is vboot2

        This also happens when you run grub2 ligature in aio boot, “can not find command vboot”

        I find it hard to use grub2 as a starting point.

        vboot2 is using native bootable vhd files

  51. I find it to be successful, no problem at all, in my wishes, Qemu could be a similar test tool, I think it would be better to expand the menu size in general.Best work thanks!