Gandalf’s Windows 10PE is one of the famous builds from Win10PE SE. You can easily integrate it and these versions into AIO Boot.


Win10PE SE is a tool that helps to build a WinPE version from a Windows ISO file with many features. WinPE 10 of AIO Boot is also built from this tool. You can use this tool to add various components such as Desktop, Explorer, .NET Framework and SysWow64 (to run 32-bit apps on 64-bit WinPE) into WinPE. And there are many other software and utilities that you can integrate into WinPE. There are two versions built from this tool that I would recommend here: Gandalf’s Windows 10PE (x64 and x86) and Bob.Omb’s Modified Win10PEx64.

Gandalf's Windows 10PE

Gandalf’s Windows 10PE

List of softwares, Gandalf’s Windows 10PE x64 version 03-13-2018.

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit
  • ESET Online Scanner
  • Avira PC Cleaner
  • PE Network
  • Opera
  • Filezilla
  • Google Chrome
  • Winrar Powerful
  • Acronis True Image 2017 x86
  • MS Paint and Wordpad
  • Macrium Reflect
  • CCleaner
  • Media player classic
  • HWiNFO
  • Snipping Tool
  • Any Desk Remote
  • Teamviewer
  • Double Drive
  • HDClone
  • Winmerge
  • CrystalCPUID
  • Duplicate File Detective Pro
  • Ntpwedit
  • AOMEI Partition Assistant
  • Partition Wizard
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Virtual Magnifying Glass
  • DiskCryptor
  • Bitlocker
  • Powershell
  • Ultraiso
  • Unlocker
  • Gimagex
  • SuperAntiSpyWare
  • Magic Jelly Bean Key Finder
  • HiJackThis
  • Ghost
  • NVDA
  • VNC Viewer
  • Sysinternal Suite
  • VLC Media Player
  • IrfanView Image Viewer
  • FastStone Image Viewer
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • EasyBCD
  • Drive Snapshot
  • AOMEI Backuper
  • Rufus
  • Wise Data Recovery
  • WinToolkit
  • ImgBurn
  • Treesize
  • Defraggler
  • RecoverKeys
  • Remote Desktop
  • DismGui
  • DtSearch
  • Advanced Renamer

Bob.Omb’s Modified Win10PEx64

Bob.Omb’s Modified Win10PEx64 is a nice WinPE version, the following key features are included:

  • Automatic System Backup
  • Backup / Restore hard disks and partitions
  • Backup Drivers
  • Certified Disk Destruction and File Shredding
  • Convert Disks to VHD
  • Convert MBR Disks(CSM/Legacy) to GPT(UEFI/Secure Boot)
  • Decrypt password protected files and drives
  • DirectX 12
  • Disk Defragmentation
  • Duplicate File Removal
  • EXE and DLL Debugging tools
  • File Hash MD5 and CRC checking
  • Full .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 – 3.0 SP2 – 3.5 SP2 – 4.7.1
  • Hardware Diagnostic Software
  • Includes preloaded drivers for most modern Apple computers (Works on Macs!)
  • Install any Version of Windows
  • Integrated Java 10
  • Powerful DISM repair tools
  • Powershell 5.1
  • Ransomware File Decrypt
  • ReFS Formatting, and Read/Write, for Revision 3.3
  • Recover Lost Data on PC/Mac/Linux Drives
  • Recover Product Keys for Windows and other Software
  • Registry Tools
  • Remote connect to other machines -or- this drive from anywhere
  • Remove malware and viruses
  • Reset Passwords (Including Microsoft Accounts)
  • Syskey Removal
  • Telnet / SSH / FTP
  • Test Hard Drives
  • WiFi Network Scanner


To support UEFI, AIO Boot will extract the boot.wim file from the ISO file, and repackage the ISO file to remove the file to save disk space. ISO files may contain files that are blocked by antivirus programs, disabling them if repacking fails.

  1. Download Gandalf’s Windows 10PE and Bob.Omb’s Modified Win10PEx64.
  2. Run AIOCreator.exe.
  3. Switch to the Integration tab, select Windows, then select WinPE 7/8.1/10 in the drop-down list.
  4. Browse to the ISO file that you downloaded, click OK to integrate.
  5. Boot it from the WinPE & Setup menu.

Some portable software needs to write their configurations to the .ini file, but they are in an ISO file that ISO9660 is write-protected. Therefore, these software can not be run. To support these software, you can create a PartIMG file from ISO, then boot it with PartIMG Mapper or Partition Image Mapper.

Wish success!

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  1. There is a lot of fucking advertisement but Gandalf’s Windows 10PE.

  2. Gandalf’s site is an insecure , ad infested horror ,do not open that windowsmatters link posted above !

    Besides you have to pay him $20 for the iso if you want it.

    1. He removed all links ,it’s a scam he has left up to get ad-revenue via ads including pop-unders.

      Some have got it by sending him $20 and he sends a google link ,via his youtube or twitter maybe.
      Last version, as of 29 dec 2019 is ‘Gandalf’s Windows 10PE x64 Redstone 5 build 17763 version 11-28-2019 Thanksgiving Edition ‘.

  3. How can I add DLC boot
    DLC boot 2019 LOL – no luck ? may i dreaming on a AIO boot update ……….. like waiting 9 months ……… LOL!

    Why ? Tools Baby! make money in live kits!

    You know I only need one program to work Since ver 6 work in this ver or i could use the portable but I love the new boot disk, but they leaver HDver6 out oh would I love if there
    was a Ver9IT ver but it suck for now just Pro

    So I am stuck with Crapy dlc 2016 ver 3 with HDcVer6

    yes CLONE yes I gave up hope 7,8,9 multi-copy IT

    But i need part tools and more with clone and strelec only need hdclone but

    bob’s is good but lack DLC array oh hard drive tools and tools but maybe one day it will add more tools like dlc or strelec

    So i need to add A dlc boot to my 16/32/64/128 gb usb – part multi tool fix it stick

    So how can i do this until someone adds HDCLONE into it ? (i doubt any one can think over 6 and no such luck aio boot and hdc-lone it does not work)
    So the key point is add a live hd-c-lone that workinto the shell of the live

    yea i could have rip the img down and added but it goes bad in the mstools crap so i gave up and the new portable suck at V9 oh
    how i wish i could have x16 copy with 6 drives in 9 with more tools but it is only a dream………..

    So to end my rant how can i do it …………

    by the way : fix the HD Bug
    this tool will delete random HD while creation (root HD or seconds)

    if i select a usb why does it write over a local HD ? BIG BUG! – oh maybe this is one of those Xboot Deals (Xboot had promise ” YEA” But they say he is DEAD – Realy DEAD!

    thus goes the xboot could have been aio but it needs some work it could boot dlc , hdclone , part tools etc live with little mods

    oh let talk mod code…
    some way i did a script mod on my dlc boot + AIO

    So i cannot remember but

    I unpack the dlc iso to root on the HD / USB
    then i add a line of code to one of the menus to boot a moded Syslinux.cfg

    and it worked
    Oh i forgot to tell you to get my multi-boot DLC to work with 18 to 20 other iso i use rmboot to fix the usb to boot

    So my Dlc does not boot as a dlc boot which as a boot cd suck it does Yes HBoot crap yes i know …

    i some time break down and want to make a live usb2go in windows to yes sata ssd 3.2 or usb 3.2 128 gb or 256gb

    ?????????? grub4dos??????? one for the gipper (” which i will try again”)

    We will talk about the other 5 top bootdvd that this prg will not boot later….

    like i said i am using power 32 – 128 gb stick – i want it all LIVE!

    oh next combo packs Pc + OSX tools coming soon ……… CPMatrix – out! 2019 – 06 – 29

    2 year project and yet to fix it
    Notes below:

    Add DLC Boot 2016, 2017 and 2019 to E2B

    ‘DLC Boot 2016 v3.2’ .rar file (Build 160727) can be downloaded from the official site.
    As it contains copies of Windows and other licensed utilities, you should ensure you have the appropriate licences (or morals) before you use it however!

    DLC2019 video with download links.

    After unpacking the .rar file, you can run DLCBoot.exe from Windows as Administrator to either create a new bootable USB flash drive (use FAT32 for UEFI x64 booting) or a bootable ISO file or run any of the tools directly.

    Run as Admin and click the CD icon to make an .ISO file

    If you make a bootable ISO file, be sure to test it before you add it to your E2B drive (e.g. by using RMPrepUSB – Ctrl+F11 to boot it using QEMU or Virtual Box). I had some problems with making a DLC ISO file which turned out to be corrupt and did not boot!

    For E2B, to boot from a DLC2016/2017/2019 .iso file, you must keep the original ISO file’s file extension.

    Ensure the filename ends in .q.iso or use DLC2017q.iso or DLC2017_.isoHW.iso (E2B v1.B0+).

    The filename can contain spaces.

    This works even from a fixed-disk type of USB drive.

    You can make a matching .txt file which will suppress the auto-suggest text automatically.

    Mini XP, Win10 32 and Win10 64 + other utils

    Hard Disk Tools menu

    Note that when you click on the DLC Menu Desktop icon, it seems to search for and mount each ISO file on the E2B drive in turn as Z: using ImDisk, in order to find the DLC ISO file!

    This means that if you have several DLC ISO files on the E2B USB drive with \DLCBoot.exe inside them, the first .ISO file that it finds with that file, will be used for the DLC Menu. This means you cannot have more than one DLC .ISO file on your E2B USB drive (or else it may mount and use the wrong ISO!).

    If you simply plug in your E2B USB drive to a Windows system and use Explorer, you cannot run DLCBoot directly, unless you mount the ISO first.

    These issues can be overcome if we create a ‘flat-file’ .imgPTN file. We can ‘switch-in’ the .imgPTN file using SWITCH_E2B.exe and then get full access to all the contents and it also allows us to MBR (32&64-bit) and UEFI-boot (64-bit only).

    Making a .imgPTN file
    Use MakePartImage v0.095 or later (May 2019).

    Use the DLC Boot GUI to make a new bootable USB Flash drive and test that it works. Now simply drag-and-drop the USB drive icon/letter onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop shortcut to make a .imgPTN file from the whole USB drive (do not allow to AUTO-CONVERT when prompted).

    If you don’t have a spare USB flash drive…

    After extracting files from the .rar download, drag-and-drop the DLC Boot 2016 v3.2 folder (which will contain just 4 files and 3 folders: EFI, DLC and boot) onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop shortcut. This will make a 2GB .imgPTN file.

    You can use the ISO instead to make a .imgPTN file:
    1. Drag-and-drop the DLC 2016 ISO file onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop shortcut
    2. Choose a size of at least 2050MB (increase this, if there is insufficient space when it extracts the files from the ISO)
    3. Delete the \DLC1\Boot\cd.c32 file (if the file is present, some of the utilities – e.g. change wallpaper, will assume it has booted from a non-writable CD!)

    Tip. Use a file extension of .imgPTNauto so that it does not prompt you to switch partitions when you select it, but just loads the CSM menu immediately.

    DLC2017/2019 – make a new DLCBoot USB flash drive using the DLCBoot.exe program and then drag-and-drop the USB flash drive Explorer icon onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop folder shortcut to make a .imgPTN file for E2B.

    DLCBoot 2019 ISO to .imgPTN (use MakePartImage v0.095 or later) – if you make the ISO file, you can drag-and-drop this onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop icon (use Syslinux 603 when prompted, no AUTO-CONVERT, add 1GB+ for extra file space). After switching to new .imgPTN file, you will need to modify \syslinux.cfg file.
    Change line:
    kernel /DLC1/Boot/menu.c32 append /DLC1/Programs/Dos/Menu/en/CD/isolinux.cfg
    kernel /DLC1/Boot/menu.c32 append /DLC1/Programs/Dos/Menu/en/USB/syslinux.cfg

    DLC2019 has a non-standard menu system. The \dlc1 file is actually grldr and the main grub4dos menu is at /DLC1/Boot/gru4.lst. The English grub4dos menu is at /DLC1/Programs/Dos/Menu/en/USB/menu.lst and the syslinux menu at \DLC1\boot\syslinux.cfg.

    If the CSM menu does not load the DLC menu, copy \DLC1\Programs\Dos\Menu\en\USB\menu.lst to \DLC1\menu\menu.lst.

    DLC2019 uses syslinux v6.04pre1 which is a Beta version and has bugs (6.04 is not released yet). If the Syslinux menu highlight bar does not work, comment out the menu color unsel line in \DLC1\boot\syslinux.cfg with a # character:

    #Mau dong chu khi chua duoc chon
    #menu color unsel 1 #ffffff #00000000 none

  4. Can you keep it simple, for example doe you provide an ISO file for $20? and is this a yearly subcription or do we have to pay $20 for each download? how many updates are we eligible for?

  5. Many thanks, this is truly an amazing piece of software – can’t imagine how you managed to integrate Explorer to work seamlessly with Windows PE.

  6. Hi,

    Can you please update this to support the latest Gandalf build from 07-10-2018? The last build from 05-08-2018 works, but the latest build does not split the boot.wim and complains that the file is over 4GB for FAT32. This is using your latest build v0.9.8.12.


    1. You need to format the drive to NTFS instead of FAT32.
      You can create two NTFS and FAT32 partitions for booting in UEFI mode.

      1. I have a question.. Can you integrate both the WinPE and Windows 10 into AIO boot so that you can select which one you want to use? Because I would like to have it so that if I want to diagnose a problem then I use winPE and if I just want to install win10 then I use the win10 selection. Right now I have it setup so I am just installing the win10 over my network but again I would like to be able to integrate the winpe for diagnosing issues and also to be able to copy data from a hard drive that cannot boot into windows if I need to do so..
        Please advise..
        Oh and I absolutely LOVE your software. It is great and I am going to donate to you as much as I can in the next week when I get paid..

  7. these are the error log:
    27.05.2018 20:52:40 – 1118 – Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 16299, 64-bit Edition)
    27.05.2018 20:54:22 – 1161 – Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 16299, 64-bit Edition)
    27.05.2018 22:45:37 – 1118 – Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 16299, 64-bit Edition)

  8. me too same error. both of them gives same error. but the previous version of your program was not giving any error…

  9. I do your steps
    Download Gandalf’s Windows 10PE and Bob.Omb’s Modified Win10PEx64.
    Run AIOCreator.exe.
    Switch to the Integration tab, select Windows, then select WinPE 7/8.1/10 in the drop-down list.
    Browse to the ISO file that you downloaded, click OK to integrate.
    but by 100% i get this error message “Error, please contact the author for support!”

    i use a 32gb usb stick ntfs
    i get de error with Gandalf’s Windows 10PE and Bob.Omb’s Modified Win10PEx64

    so what can i do ?

      1. this is the error log

        6-5-2018 09:57:53 – 1382 – Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 16299, 32-bit Edition)
        6-5-2018 10:04:25 – 1118 – Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 16299, 32-bit Edition)

          1. Hi.
            I managed to integrate the bobs winpe but when I boot to it over the network for some reason alot of the software tools don’t show up? Any idea why? And i used the iso that came with bobs win pe? However I also created a USB using the same iso with the tool that came with bobs win pe and it has all the tools you listed above?
            Any ideas?