Below is a screenshot of AIO Boot. Includes Grub2 Menu, Grub4Dos, iPXE and AIOCreator tool. Click on image to see full size.

AIO Boot Grub2 Menu English
This is the Grub2 MENU of AIO Boot. You can quickly launch into the MENU by its corresponding hotkey.


AIO Boot Grub4Dos Menu
This is the Grub4Dos MENU of AIO Boot. Only use Grub4Dos if your computer is not compatible with Grub2.
iPXE Menu
AIO Boot supports booting via LAN. This is the iPXE menu of AIO Boot.
AIO Boot Extractor
AIO Boot Extractor helps you format drives, extract to install AIO Boot and install Grub2, Clover and Syslinux.
AIO Boot Extractor also offers the option of creating two FAT32 and NTFS partitions for USB.
AIOCreator tool is compact and user-friendly.
AIO Boot Integrate
You can easily integrate many Windows, Linux, Antivirus and Android installers into AIO Boot.
AIO Boot Settings
You can change the language, background, fonts for Grub2 and many other settings in Settings.
Partition Image Mapper
Partition Image Mapper helps you to create FreeBSD, TrueOS, macOS, Ubuntu Server, Debian and Kali Linux installers without losing data.

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