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How to make Ubuntu bootable USB on Windows

Ubuntu is one of the most popular and widely used Linux operating systems. This article will guide you how to make Ubuntu bootable USB on Windows. Introduction Make a Ubuntu bootable USB Ubuntu persistent usb Introduction There are many software that support this but in this article I will show you how to make Ubuntu […]

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Boot Linux from the ISO file

AIO Boot supports booting most Linux distributions from ISO files. Just copy the ISO file to a folder and boot it from Grub2. AIO Boot loopback.cfg How to boot Linux from ISO file using loopback.cfg? Ubuntu Linux Mint Debian 9 Manjaro 17 AIO Boot AIO Boot supports booting Linux as well as other utilities from […]

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PartIMG Mapper – Boot most Linux operating systems from ISO

PartIMG Mapper has the same features as Partition Image Mapper, but it runs directly on Grub2 and Grub4dos without Windows. Introduction PartIMG Mapper Overlapping partitions Windows Introduction Partition Image Mapper is a tool that allows you to temporarily use the partition image as a real partition. PartIMG Mapper is similar, please refer to Partition Image Mapper […]