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PartIMG Mapper – Boot most Linux operating systems from ISO

PartIMG Mapper has the same features as Partition Image Mapper, but it runs directly on Grub2 and Grub4dos without Windows. Introduction PartIMG Mapper Overlapping partitions Windows Introduction Partition Image Mapper is a tool that allows you to temporarily use the partition image as a real partition. PartIMG Mapper is similar, please refer to Partition Image Mapper […]

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Boot OpenBSD and NetBSD from Grub2

OpenBSD and NetBSD are two popular BSD operating systems. You can boot, install OpenBSD and NetBSD from Grub2 without losing data. The way to do it here is similar to how to do it with FreeBSD. We also use Partition Image Mapper to avoid data loss. Please refer to the related articles for more details. Download […]