The documentation on the official AIO Boot homepage is currently incomplete. I will aggregate useful links for you to reference.

I would also like to thank everyone who shared the article, video to introduce the AIO Boot software. This is the motivation for me to continue to develop this software.

Useful links

Here is a list of useful links that you can refer to. Don’t forget to send me the links of posts and videos related to the AIO Boot software, I will add these links here.


  • AIO Boot.
  • AIO Boot, мультизагрузка с флешки, внешнего HDD, основного жёсткого диска, карт памяти SD (Video).
  • AIO Boot для создания мультизагрузочных флешек.
  • AIO Boot — создаём мультизагрузочный носитель.



  • AIO Boot simplifica muito a criação de pendrives de manutenção no Windows.


I hope this list will be more complementary. Thanks.

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